Wales reporter notebook: Does Rob Page do the unthinkable and drop Gareth Bale against England?

Wales reporter notebook: Does Rob Page do the unthinkable and drop Gareth Bale against England?

Let's not beat around the bush here.

Wales require something extraordinary. They need to be extraordinary.

A performance and ideally a result that fully represents Wales' form, character and ability to grind out a result when needed. That hasn't happened so far at this World Cup.

So what's the problem? Has the stardust that is Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey dried up?

Are they just not fit enough or have the match time in their legs to have the impact needed? Has Rob Page got his tactics wrong? Has the intensity of their opponents so far come as a shock? So many questions could be asked.

However, just for now, it's about one thing - finding a way to beat England. That's it. I just cannot see Wales getting a 4-0 win over England so the other option for progression in Qatar involves the help of USA and Iran, that is they draw.

Wales then require just a win over England. Just a win over England! Sounds easy on paper! It's a daunting task.

How do Wales go about beating England? Guts, sheer determination and a will to somehow win. It will be lung bustlingly painful. Also, execute the game plan.

Page will be tempted to make changes, bring on from the start the pace and youthful exuberance that Brennan Johnson has. Perhaps.

Perhaps not. Will he divert from his preferred back three? Probably not as the back three has previously served Wales so very well.

No knee-jerk changes even though an extraordinary effort is required against England. Knee-jerk decisions and 'revolutionary' short-term thinking in football rarely goes well.

And so that brings me to Bale and Ramsey.

Does Page think the unthinkable and drop either or both? That chatter is out there, but I just can't see it happening.

Those two can alter a game, maybe they can't last 90 minutes, but better to still be in a game after 60-70 minutes when they have to exit the stage rather than be two goals down with that talent sitting unused on the bench.

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