Gabby Adcock praises NBL ahead of Sky Sports return

Gabby Adcock praises NBL ahead of Sky Sports return

The NBL makes a welcome return on 2 November with Surrey Smashers taking on MK Badminton in front of the Sky Sports cameras at Surrey Sports Park.

Meanwhile Loughborough Sport will face the University of Nottingham Badminton as teams target the NBL title following a hugely successful first season.

England's top mixed doubles player and world No 6 Adcock said: "The profile of badminton has picked up so much in Britain over the last few years. I'm quite used to playing in front of big crowds in places like Indonesia, but to get it at home was unusual.

"Now it's picked up and at Surrey the fans have been absolutely phenomenal, and they make you want to play well for them."

The Smashers were favourites to win the inaugural final after losing only one of their five match-nights on the way to the play-offs, but lost their play-off as Team Derby took the title in June.

NBL Monday match-night fixtures will run between November 2015 and April 2016 with the NBL's top four teams competing in a Championship Final scheduled for May 2016.

In-play features include a 'PowerPlay' double point, time outs, sudden death tie-breaks, and a shortened scoring format, all of which are exclusive to the NBL.

"Experience definitely helps in the NBL because it's such high pressure," Adcock said. "It's still quite strange for us because it's so short. It takes me a second to remember we're playing to nine and we've got to be really on it."

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